Section 8

The section 8 program currently consists of 180 vouchers. An applicant on our waiting list would receive a Housing Choice voucher when their name reaches the top of our waiting list. When the families receive this voucher they then look for housing from local landlords. They may choose to lease the current apartment that they are living in or they may look for a new apartment. After the family locates the apartment or house that they would like to rent, Millville Housing Authority inspects the unit to make sure it meets HUDs requirements. The family then enters into a lease agreement with the landlord. Millville Housing Authority and the landlord enter into a Housing Assistance Contract. The family then pays rent based on 30% of their adjusted monthly income and the Housing Authority pays the landlord the balance.

The Section 8 application list is NOT currently open.

Manager: Jessica Gonzalez
Phone: (856) 765-5001

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