Welcome to the Millville Housing Authority (MHA). The MHA provides public housing to low and moderate income families, seniors and people with disabilities. Our mission is to provide decent, safe and sanitary public housing to those in need. We maintain 478 apartments in seven apartment complexes and 16 single family homes throughout the City of Millville, New Jersey for low to moderate income people. In total, we offer 494 housing units.

In conjunction with our professional home care partners at CARING Senior Living, the MHA offers an Assisted Living Program (ALP) for disabled tenants. The ALP provides the daily support people with disabilities need to remain comfortably within their homes rather than having to move into long term care or other institutional facility. The program is funded through Medicaid. It is offered at no cost to eligible participants. The ALP currently operates in our Jaycee Plaza and Riverview West facilities.

We also manage 191 Section 8 vouchers. This program allows participants to secure housing from private-sector landlords. The majority of our clients have used the vouchers within Cumberland County. However, many people have taken advantage of the program’s portability feature to secure housing throughout the United States that better suited their wants and needs.

To offset ever declining federal funding, the MHA also manages Salem Housing Authority through a shared service agreement. We also maintain commercial rental facilities. The revenue generated from these collective endeavors is invested into the MHA’s properties so that we can better serve our tenants and community.

Through a wholly owned not-for-profit, the MHA also manages a community fitness center known as the Holly City Family Center (HCFC). Open to everyone in the community, and located within our Maurice View Plaza facility, this affordable and popular facility offers a heated indoor pool, aerobic studio, spin room, ladies circuit training and much more. Many MHA tenants are happy HCFC customers.

Effective May 1, 2020, the Millville Housing Authority has switched to accepting online applications only. Applicants who have successfully submitted their waitlist application can check their status online. Links to our online application and waitlist status can be found on our home page and under the Programs tab.

Please Note:  If your application was not selected during the Lottery Process you will recieve a response that states "Application Not Found"

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